Sizani means YOU ALL HELP in Zulu. Based in Wales, Sizani buys products that are hand made in South Africa. The intentions are to raise money from the products within the UK so that profits can go back to build and support communities across Africa. Alone I created the branding and website for Sizani.

About Sizani.
Sizani (meaning YOU ALL HELP in Zulu) was created in 2014.  As a South African myself with 2 children under the age of 4, living in Wales, I was committed to taking on our first project where the empowerment of its workforce is at the heart of its cause.
Branding process.
Firstly, I wanted a logo that showed the contection between the people in Africa, creating the products to Sizani, the company selling their products. 
Then I looked into the iconic South African Baobab tree. 
But the logo really needed to simply say what the company is, it is hand made products for childen. So I wanted bright colours, and a hand made logo. I wanted the letters to represent the slight imperfection of the designs on the products, to show they are hand crafted. 
The website needed to be ecommerce, and also needed to be responsive to all platforms for the user experience. 
Using my own hosting, I used Wordpress as a first time experience in learning the programme. 
Rhona, the creator and chief of Sizani promotes and sells the products at markets. So she needed material to brand the stall. Here are a few shots taken at the market. 
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